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A comprehensive SaaS solution designed to streamline business management for individuals and companies, offering tools for attendance tracking, income and expense monitoring, invoicing, quotes, timesheets, etc.

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problem statement

what was the problem statement?

Inefficient Attendance Tracking

Manual attendance system prone to errors; Houtly seeks automation for accurate, real-time data

Tedious Income and Expense Monitoring

Cumbersome tracking across projects; Houtly needs a centralized solution for streamlined financial processes

Ineffective Invoicing and Quoting

Time-consuming invoicing; Houtly aims for automation to enhance accuracy in client interactions

Complex Timesheet Management

Manual timesheets create challenges; Houtly seeks a streamlined, automated solution for simplified payroll

Lack of Centralized System

Multiple tools hinder data consolidation; Houtly requires a centralized system for efficient decision-making

Platform Juggling Issue: Varied Organizations

Traditional freelance management involves juggling multiple platforms and systems, causing inefficiencies and fragmentation

our solution

the solution we crafted

Auto Attendance: Error-free Tracking

Implement automated biometric or RFID-based attendance in Houtly for real-time accuracy, reducing admin workload

Financial Centralization: Efficient Tracking

Integrate Houtly's centralized financial module, automating categorization, providing real-time reports, and integrating with accounting software

Invoice Automation: Efficient Client Interactions

Houtly automates invoice generation, delivery, and offers customizable templates, improving efficiency in client interactions

Streamlined Timesheets: Effortless Payroll

Houtly introduces a user-friendly interface, automated reminders, and seamless integration with payroll systems for efficient processing

Unified Decision Hub: Data Integration

Houtly's centralized platform integrates existing tools, providing a unified dashboard and customizable reporting for informed decision-making

Freelance Harmony: Unified Platform

Houtly simplifies freelance work by consolidating multiple organizations onto a single, user-friendly platform, streamlining management and enhancing efficiency


tech stack

tech stack we used

Next 14

A React framework, Next.js powers Houtly's web frontend, providing server-side rendering and a delightful user interface.

Node Js

Houtly's backend is built on Node.js, offering a non-blocking, event-driven architecture for efficient handling of concurrent requests



Houtly's Android application leverages Java, a robust and widely-used programming language, to deliver a high-performance and user-friendly experience for Android device users.


Swift, Apples powerful and intuitive programming language, forms the backbone of Houtlys iOS application, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience on Apple devices.


As a minimal and flexible Node.js framework, Express.js simplifies the development of robust APIs for Houtly


Houtly utilizes Redis for caching, enhancing data retrieval speed and optimizing overall system performance


The relational database management system MySQL is integrated into Houtly's backend, ensuring secure and structured data storage


Houtly leverages AWS for scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure, ensuring seamless and secure operations.

Tailwind CSS

Houtly's sleek and responsive design is achieved using Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework that simplifies styling


Enhancing code maintainability, TypeScript is employed for static typing in Houtly's frontend, ensuring a robust and error-resistant codebase

ui preview

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